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Cave du Roi Dagobert Pinot Gris (alsace)

Cave du Roi Dagobert Pinot Gris (alsace)

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Fruity.  Smoky.  Velvety.


This Pinot Gris has fantastic structure, you can easily feel its smooth wide, elegance on the palate.  The clear, crystal colour takes on the slightest hint of rose, adding visual dimension — a unique characteristic for a Pinot Gris. You'll find a ripe fruitiness to this wine apricot and melon and the bouquet rounds out with the light, woody smoking notes with aromas of the forest floor — mushrooms, forest strawberries, moss, and berries.

It was selected by a jury of Professional Oenologists, winning the Gold Medal 2003 for its "indisputable organoleptic qualities".

A full, unctuous mouth creates a luxurious structure and taste experience. Drink this with vegetables or appetizers of cold cuts, cheeses and finger food. It also works beautifully with risottos, first courses, soups, traditional fried foods and fried courgette, acacia and elderberry flowers.

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