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Domaine Rapet Chorey-les-Beaune - Pinot Noir “Burgundy”

Domaine Rapet Chorey-les-Beaune - Pinot Noir “Burgundy”

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Chorey Lès Beaune

A great Burgundy red wine from the Chorey-les-Beaune commune. The grape variety used is Pinot Noir. The name Chorey is derived from the Latin Canus, "Chariot". The village is situated on the great Roman road from Autun to Besançon where many horses and two- and four-wheeled carts passed in the twenties BC.

Red wine vinification : We aim to obtain fruity wines, rich in blended tannins, which is the mark of well ripened grapes. We bring in the grapes in small crates for careful sorting in the winery; a conveyor belt is used for filling the tanks in order to respect the grapes. The fermentation lasts 15 days with pigeages, punching down of the cap, allowing the wine to soak up the richness and the colour from the grape-skins before pressing. Ageing takes place in barrels of which 30 % are new. Racking by the means of a bellow eliminates the need for a pump. All these precautions limit handling of the grapes and the wine as much as possible, thus preserving all the richness.

The roots of our old Chorey-les-Beaune-vines reach deep down into an alluvial marly limestone soil on a stony, slightly ferruginous ground, descended from the Côte de Savigny and Aloxe over thousands of years.

The nose is dominated by red fruit (raspberry, Morello cherry). It possesses roundness behind a solid structure, delicate, enhanced by a framework of fine tannins.

Served at 14°C this wine is a versatile Burgundy. It goes well with hot starters, roast poultry or a meat risotto.

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