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Domaine des Tourelles Merweh & Obeidi [Vegan] (2020)

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A blend of two indigenous Lebanese grape varieties that likely trace their lineage back to the Phoenicians, Domaine des Tourelles Merweh & Obeidi Vieilles Vignes is made from very old vines grown in altitude. 

Merweh vineyards are spread over the mountains of Bsharreh to the west of the Bekaa valley at 1,400 m altitude.  Merweh is a resistant variety which has adapted very well to the Mediterranean mountain climate and ecosystem.

Obeidi vineyards are grown on the hills of Zahlel at 1,100m altitude. Obeidi is a reliable and very resistant grape, considered to be the backbone of the Bekaa valley's vines throughout its winemaking history.

The well-structured blend of these two grapes give the wine its brilliant golden color. The nose has natural aromas of ripened grapes, apple skin and a mix of spices and herbs. mineral and savoury on the palate, the wine shows notes of dried figs and fresh almonds on the finish.


  • Food Pairing

    Aperitif, Cold cuts, Grilled fish and seafood, Lebanese Mezze, Light cheese - Goat cheese, Pasta and pizza