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Duvel Single Fermented ‘pale ale’ (4pk/16oz w/ Srixon golf balls [Gift Pack])

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Just in time for the holidays!

      Duvel Single Fermented pours golden in color with volumes of bright white foam. Poured into a tulip, it looks like classic Duvel, but on the nose there’s a faint wisp of grapefruit and tangerine. Lively carbonation races across the tongue, delivering a touch of malt sweetness, followed by a refreshing wave citrusy and herbaceous hops.

Belgium Pale Ale- 6.8% ABV.

150 years of brewing tradition, experience and innovation come together to create this exceptional golden ale. We're proud to partner with Srixon to offer this gift pack that features 4 cans of Duvel Single and a sleeve of Srixon golf balls.