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Fattoria Di Sammontana Chianti 2020

Fattoria Di Sammontana Chianti 2020

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The blend consists of over 90% Sangiovese and about 10% Canaiolo.

Vinification kicks off with a slow spontaneous fermentation on its own yeasts in cement tanks and it is aged in a combination of in steel and concrete vats before it is bottled unfiltered.

Our vineyards and our olive trees groves slope gently down the hill that borders the east side of the Arno valley, in Montelupo Fiorentino, just 20 Km. from Florence. We tend about 13 hectares of vineyards and more than 3,000 olive trees, planted between 70 and 150 meters above sea level. The soil is alluvial, and as such is full of stones, gravel and pebbles of various sizes, which are technically referred to as “skeletons”. This soil, usually defined as “ungrateful”, is the one that gives character and personality to our wines.

Our work in the vineyard starts in the fall, immediately after the harvest, with the “green manure”, the practice of sowing legumes (beans, peas) and grass between the rows of vines. During spring we then cut and bury them, thus enriching the soil with natural fertilisers. Depending on the need, this process may be integrated with the addition of manure.

After pruning and tying of the vines, we work the land to remove weeds, avoiding using any type of herbicide. We fight the parasites in the vineyard exclusively with sulfur and copper, according to the organic certification protocol, thus excluding any product of chemical synthesis.

In our “biodynamic” vineyards, in addition to the above described treatments we spray “cow manure” on the land (a cow horn filled with manure and then buried in the soil until maturity) and silica on the leaves, with both preparations accordingly diluted in “dynamized” water. The whole procedure is made following the rhythms of moon.

Before the summer, we select the leading vines on which we will then perform the green harvest (selection of the healthier bunches of grape), to raise the product quality. Finally, our harvest starts at the end of August with the white grapes and lasts until end of September with our sangiovese toscano grapes.

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