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Falling Knife 'of a feather’ Helles Lager (4pk/16 oz)

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ABV: 5.5%
From: Minneapolis, MN

"Attending school in Munich produced in me an undying love of lager beer. I love brewing lagers, and even more so, I love drinking lagers. Of A Feather from Falling Knife and Fair State is one of the best examples of a Munich-style helles I've had. Both Minneapolis breweries consistently put out some of my favorite beers and produce some of the finest lagers in the Midwest. Even so, Of A Feather stands out. I got to enjoy a sneak preview back in August with founder Tom Berg and Ben, who does sales and packaging, in Falling Knife's taproom and was really wowed. It was perfectly balanced and full flavored. Sweet, bready floor-malted pilsner malt blends seamlessly with floral aromatics, the faintest hit of sulphur, and a zippy bitterness. I'd drink this beauty in quantity every day if I could." — Austin Myhran, head brewer at Wild Mind Artisan Ales