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Shameless Red Blend (Peterson)

Shameless Red Blend (Peterson)

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Jamie’s (Peterson) Vintaged View

At Peterson Winery, we often say that we make wines
from the same vineyards year after year, but we don’t try and make the same wines from every year. We appreciate and embrace the differences created by Mother Nature with each vintage, and try to capture the vintage as well as the vineyard in each wine. The other variable each vintage is the size of the crop from each of the blocks or vineyards we purchase grapes from or we grow. Rarely do we get the exact tonnage we planned for. Smaller than anticipated yields alternate with much larger than expected tonnage. Differing not only with each year, but also with each grape source.
Given the number of different wines we produce and
our love of blends, we often have extra barrels of wine left over after the final blend is determined. In the past, we’ve sold off this surplus wine to other wineries looking
for additional wine for their blends. Following the great
reception for the first six Shameless Red bottlings, Jamie crafted this “Seventh Edition” blend using our surplus Carignane, Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Syrah, Petite Sirah, etc. It continues our tradition of
providing a delicious wine at a “shamelessly” low price.

Tasting Notes
With the bones of a premium wine, the most shameless thing about this red blend is the seriously low price. Aromatics of forest floor and dark red fruit—cherry and cranberry—lead into a soft, round mouth filled with a dark cherry core against a backdrop of spicy cedar with just a touch of white floral. Notes of blackberry and traces of eucalyptus and savory herbs appear as the wine opens. Creamy oak rounds out the finish as the flavors linger.
This delicious quaffer begs for hearty fare. Enjoy it with smoked brisket with your favorite BBQ sauce and ginger broccoli slaw, or Italian sausage tossed with pasta, grated Romano cheese and fresh herbs.

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