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Daniel Boccard Bugey Cerdon (Pet-Nat) Sparkling Rose

Daniel Boccard Bugey Cerdon (Pet-Nat) Sparkling Rose

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Grape variety: Gamay at 95%, Poulsard at 5%

Boccard works without fertilizers or chemicals and makes a wine that is as natural as could be called methode ancestrale. In this manner of producing sparkling wine all fermentation is spontaneous, no added sugars or yeasts, and is accomplished partially in tank at the beginning, but then slowly completed in bottle over the winter and spring following the harvest. The finished wine essentially defines what Bugey Cerdon should be--delicate bubbles that capture a slightly sweet, frothy, strawberry cream soda of a pink sparkling wine. There's only one way to drink a Bugey Cerdon--ice cold, to start a meal, or to convivially enjoy while preparing the repast. The bottle must stay on ice regularly until its gone. When it is first poured a nice bit of garnet foam rises to the top of the glass then quickly settles into a persistent stream of tiny bubbles. The carbon dioxide helps the wine attack the nose with aromas of apple cider, wild berries, and red-fleshed plums. A real Alpine aroma palette.

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