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Harken Chardonnay

Harken Chardonnay

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Winemaker Notes

Indulge in the rich flavors of Harken Chardonnay, where a luscious palate of crème brûlée and buttered toast perfectly blends with the warm oak aromatics. The fresh acidity and subtle hint of Bosc pear balances the richness, leaving your taste buds tantalized and longing for more.

Professional Ratings

  • 91

    Everyday wine lovers continue to buy bottles of oaked Chardonnay by the millions, and millions of those bottles are not as good as this wine despite costing significantly more. With rich flavors of baked apple, it's full- bodied and satisfying yet still shows an edge of freshness, and while the oak is notable, it accents rather than overpowers the fruit. A clear success for the style at this price point.

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