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Mario Tempranillo & Cabernet

Mario Tempranillo & Cabernet

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DO Ribera de Duero
Quintanilla de Onésimo

Family owned vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon located in the small town of Quintanilla de Onésimo. Sandy soils
Oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard registered in the Appellation DO Ribera de Duero. Plantation year: 1969. Vineyards of Tempranillo: 50-60 years old
average, from 3 small towns in the Appellation Ribera de Duero; Anguix, Pedrosa de Duero and Quintanilla de Onésimo, These three different terroirs are
mainly composed by limestone, sand and clay respectively. The union of them give to MARIO a unique complexity.

2019 has been, once again, a very dry vintage. Ripening process was at least one week earlier than usual due to that dry and warm summer. Longing rains
finally came early September giving the vineyards a break, allowing them to finish ripening in a much more comfortable way leaving distress behind.
Nevertheless, it was a low yield harvest with tiny grapes highly concentrated. To me, 2019 is the PERFECT vintage that gave us perfectly balanced, fine and
long wines.

75% Tempranillo, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon
Production per ha 3500Kg/ha
Manual harvest in small cases of 12kg
Harvest dates: Sept 23rd until Oct 13th 2019

French style traditional winemaking process: the 2 varieties (Cabernet and Tempranillo) are made separately with 2 different winemaking protocols.
Vinification happens in still tanks of 6500l capacity, by plots.

AGEING process also takes place separately for the Cabernet and the Tempranillo wines, sitting in barrels for different periods of time and the barrels
themselves being from different coopers.
30% American Oak (Missouri) 70% French Oak (Allier)
Average ageing time: 16 months

Very expressive wine with a very ripe fruit although fresh at the same time. Spicy, clean and elegant. On the pallet, vintage 2019 is sweet as well as
voluminous. Spicy flavors of black fruit, very fine tannins and perfect acidity. Long and pleasant finish. Definitely, always ELEGANT. Always MARIO.

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