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Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco DOC

Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco DOC

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"REGION: Italy / Emilia Romagna / Reggio Emilia
GRAPES: Salamino Lambrusco, Marani Lambrusco

Quercioli Dolce is a sparkling sweet red wine crafted using the natural fermentation method. From Reggio
Emilia province, the grapes are grown on Cordone Speronato (cordon trained spur pruned) vines in clay soil
and with restricted yields. The wine is a blend of Lambrusco Salamino and Lambrusco Marani. The wine is
best served at a temperature of 57 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit and should be consumed within two years of

Bright ruby red with persistent bubbles, the wine shows delicate floral notes of violet leading to a luxuriously
sweet, fresh, vivacious palate that is pleasantly harmonious.

An excellent pairing with fruit, dessert and pizza"

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