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Oremus 'Late Harvest' Tokaji (500ML | 2021) by Vega Sicilia

Oremus 'Late Harvest' Tokaji (500ML | 2021) by Vega Sicilia

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Winemaker Notes

Oremus Late Harvest Tokaji is a harmonious, fresh, and silky wine. A vibrant acidity characterizes this vintage, providing freshness and floral aromas coming from the grape varities.

It is versatile when drunk, providing a new array of possibilities in each sip.

Blend: Furmint, Zéta, Sárgamuskotály

Professional Ratings

  • 92
    Silky and just off-dry, with a vibrant spine of acidity well-meshed with a fragrant range of blood orange granita, lime blossom and tarragon, ground cardamom and candied ginger flavors. Fine and mouthwatering on the lasting finish.
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