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Far Niente's POST & BEAM Cabernet

Far Niente's POST & BEAM Cabernet

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From a perfume suffused with ripe raspberry and spice to a palate redolent with soft red fruit flavors and elegant botanical accents, this hand-crafted Cabernet Sauvignon offers an unmistakably pure expression of Napa Valley Cabernet in every bottle.

Vineyard Description

The 2019 growing season began with late spring rains during flowering and fruit set. Cover crops between the vines flourished, putting rich nutrients into our soils. Our fruit set itself was lighter than usual, resulting in exceptional concentration and retention of flavor and aromas in our clusters. Mild fall temperatures allowed fruit to mature fully, without being overly tannic nor overly ripe. 2019 was an excellent vintage overall that will continue to impress wine lovers and collectors for years to come.

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