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  • Villa Sparina GAVI
  • Villa Sparina GAVI
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Villa Sparina GAVI

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Vineyards located in the municipality of Gavi.

Gavi, made from the light-skinned Cortese grape, is becoming hugely popular lately. Everyone who tastes Gavi seems to love it; it's a can't-miss wine for anyone looking for something new in a white.


A white variety grown throughout much of Italy, but most widely known for the lovely wines it produces in Piedmont's Gavi DOCG. The best Cortese wines are fresh, aromatic and fruity, with a bracing minerality and citrus on the finish.

Tasting Notes

Bright yellow color, delicate bouquet of dried pineapple and peach. Full and rich in flavor, yet mineral and refreshing. Fine aromatic flavor to the end.